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If You Don't Tell Valentine Untapped: A Collection of Erotic Firsts

If You Don’t Tell
Untapped: A Collection of Erotic Firsts

If You Don't Tell

With only six months left until she’s finally married, a sheltered Laela Booker wants to experience life before she ties the knot. Motivated by an erotic dream, she ultimately decides to ask Quinton about a ménage.After embarking on a quest to find the perfect partner, she finds much more than she had ever hoped to…

Quinton James would like nothing more than to marry his fiancée, Laela and start his long life journey as a ‘one woman’ man. She’s almost perfect for him: pretty, educated and most importantly, sexually adventurous. But as his past and present clash with his future, one temptation seemingly follows another. Even with the possibility of a ménage with his fiancée on the horizon, a newly discovered secret may lead him back towards his old life and into the bed of someone else.

Simone- Recently married and dealing with bouts of depression, Simone Hall struggles to keep her home in one piece. Pressured by her family to stay in a loveless marriage and suspecting her husband of infidelity, her life slowly begins to unravel. Soon, she finds herself resenting everyone– including her best friends’ Laela and Quinton’s “perfect relationship”– and searches for solace in all the wrong places.

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Valentine Cover sm

Only six rules separate a professional from a prisoner:

Attachments make you weak
Anonymity equals success
Self-defense means survival
Know your prey
Trust your instincts
Don’t get caught

…knowing them makes Valentine a lethal assassin. Known by everyone else as Sassia Santinos, high-class escort, lust fills her days and death—her nights. Money, sex and killing bad guys…who could ask for more?

But rarely does any plan ever go perfectly…
Upon graduating from the Police Academy, Sassia’s only friend and neighbor, Charlie–is devastated by a sudden murder.
With Charlie slowly uncovering the truth and growing closer to understanding who Sassia truly is, Valentine questions if the life she has is the life she really wants. Faced with the prospect of being discovered, Valentine must choose: give up her lush life…or permanently silence her friend.

Valentine Ch1-2 PROMO



How far are you willing to go?

How vast is your imagination when you stand at the precipice of the erotic unknown?

Beyond the innocence of a first kiss or virginity lost. Beyond the comfort of a king size bed and soft, satin sheets. It’s all beautiful, but is it enough?

Do you dare to be blindfolded during a salacious orgy? To be tied, bound and unable to taste the sweetness of a mistress merely inches away? To let a stranger leave you physically bound, but sexually liberated all the same? Who dares to go there for their first time?

We do.

In these tales of erotic revolution and discovery where lovers leave complacency behind for fantasy, the word Untapped, will take on a whole new meaning….


Melodi Roberts exerpt Untapped FWB

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