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About Us

This is the place where a couple of freaks with the literary passion to make words jump off pages and into your undies come to play…

We explore some of life’s erotic twists that you wish weren’t just fiction…

Our main site.

D.V. Hent ~

“The differences between erotica and romance are similar to those between suspense and horror —in that the purpose of erotica is made to enhance a romantic scene, like horror does for suspense. All five senses are indulged, creating a scenario where the reader is not simply a bystander, but a willing participant. That is why I write erotica.”

As the author of two erotic-themed novels, I am a weaver of tales. I write because I’ve seen where people have taken the genre and I believe I can do better.  I grew up on books and I believe that there is still prestige in writing. With that being said, no matter what I do, I will always aim for a higher standard.

Whether the story is laced with romance, like If You Don’t Tell, or action, like Valentine, I constantly try to change the definition of what people think erotica is supposed to be—straight porn. With all the positive feedback and suppport I’ve been getting, I know I’m getting there.

Melodi Roberts~

“There is something about the expression of human love and sex that I have always found fascinating. I feel that human emotion and the sexual expression of those emotions are unique. My hope is to capture some of that fire that attracts us, publicly or privately, to the long standing tradition of the mental, seductive arousal that is erotic literature.”

As a longstanding supporter of the written word, I read many novels growing up and loved the gifts I received as a reader from the words of the authors. Different places, faces and the endless adventures were an easy and welcomed escape for me. Being the creative soul that I am, I have honed some of that passion into words and other forms of creative expression.

My goal?


 A glimpse into human sexuality, magnified 1000 times…

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